Deliverables PU

Workpackage 1 

  1. Project Kick-off meeting
  2. Annual consortium meeting
  3. PAVIA website

Workpackage 2 

  1. Country specific National PV Policy and implementation strategies
  2. Updated National PV Policy briefs
  3. National Financial Models for sustainable PV practice

Workpackage 3 

  1. Country specific customised roadmaps for PV strengthening
  2. PV trained cohort ( PV staff and HCP)
  3. Training toolkit national PV training courses for healthcare professionals and PHP staff
  4. Improved/upgraded data collection and management tools per country
  5. Publication on the use of real-world data

Workpackage 4 

  1. PAVIA Blueprint

Workpackage 5 

  1. Presentation to policy makers and at national international conferences
  2. Setting up an ORCID account
  3. Publications in open access journals
  4. Participation in EDCTP Forum (2018,2020,2022)
  5. Social media, blog, twitter account
  6. Network/collaborate with regional bodies e.g. NEPAD