SUMMARY OF KICK OFF MEETING NIGERIA  ON  24th – 28th SEPTEMBER 2018                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           PAVIA’s strategy is to strengthen national pharmacovigilance (PV) systems in a collaborative effort with Public Health Programmes  (PHPs) building up medicines safety surveillance activities in the introduction of new drugs for Multidrug-Resistant-Tuberculosis.

The University of Benin (UniBen) being a Medical research institute in Nigeria is collaborating with the National PV Centre of NAFDAC as well as the NTBLCP at the national level over a four (4) year period to build capacity at the PV Centre taking the PV activities for Tuberculosis as the “building and training ground” for a generic PV system which will include data collection, database entry, data analysis, signal identification and causality assessment. The results and lessons learned from this project will be transferred by PAVIA to the PHPs for HIV and malaria. The PAVIA project is determined to ensure the quality and safety of medicines through a strengthened health care system.

The Nigeria country-specific kick off meeting was organized in collaboration between the NAFDAC, NTBLCP, UniBen, IHVN and KNCV Tuberculosis foundation Nigeria.  The kick off meeting was held at the KNCV Conference Hall, Abuja on the 24th of September 2018, while the baseline assessments were held from 25th – 28th September 2018.

The main objective of the meeting was to sensitize the key stakeholders in the Nigerian health care sector about the Pharmacovigilance Africa (PAVIA) Project and to seek their collaboration and support towards effective implementation of the project in Nigeria.

The forum agreed that there is an increased incidence of MDR-TB and PAVIA is coming in at the right time to strengthen the PV system. PAVIA will be key into current changes and improvements in Nigeria.  It is appreciated that PAVIAs activities would not only be limited to TB but ultimately all Public Health diseases across Nigeria.  Associations recommended that for future sensitization PAVIA could use their platforms to reach their members. Cited recommendations were, Quarterly platforms by associations.  Their members would be gathered at these forums and PAVIA can use this opportunity to sensitize them on its activities. Existing structure of active surveillance especially the Primary Health Care Development Agency across the country can be leveraged on. The active surveillance is available in all states, Local Government Areas and they are ready to work with PAVIA. PAVIA can leverage on surveillance officers working on other public health programs to help spread PAVIA. The association of community pharmacists, recommended that community pharmacist around the country should be sensitized on PAVIA due to the fact that they are first point of contact by patients.