Monica Plöen

Monica Plöen has a BSc in Pharmacy, graduating from Uppsala University, Sweden in 1991.

She joined the UMC in 1992, providing support to national centres, coding new drugs in the WHO Drug Dictionaries, and making searches in VigiBase on request. Monica has also been involved in projects using denominator data, sales information, together with the data in VigiBase, as part of signal analysis process.

She was Product Manager for systems provided to the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring (VigiFlow, eReporting and VigiLyze) 2012-2018. The work included for example to gather and prioritize requirements, working closely with engineering and support.

Since 2018 she is Head of Pharmacovigilance Collaborations, to coordinate activities and liaise with WHO and the WHO Collaborating Centres in Pharmacovigilance, and with other stakeholders within the field.

From 1999 to 2009 she was an observer in the WHO working group on ATC and DDD classifications.