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The PAVIA-project is lead by the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development where the project lead is based.
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Frank Cobelens and Henry Tumwinyukye visited NEPAD in June 2018. After introducing PAVIA and NEPAD to each other, plans were made on how to collaborate based on further perspectives, thoughts and discussions. Action points amongst others were:

  • Continuation of this meeting on an annual level
  • Technical support from NEPAD to PAVIA
  • NEPAD will be involved in the country kick off meetings
  • PAVIA and NEPAD will work together to prepare a model standalone PV policy
  • NEPAD will invite PV experts from PAVIA countries to attend this Technical Working Group meeting as resource persons
  • PAVIA will share the preliminary results of baseline survey with NEPAD and involve NEPAD in the PV short–term and long-term training modules which will be developed by PAVIA and PROFORMA.
  • PAVIA will work with NEPAD on strengthening PV policies and guidelines.
  • PAVIA and NEPAD will work together in designing best approaches to bring on – board International partners to support PV initiatives.
  • NEPAD will share with PAVIA any additional policy documents or materials that may be helpful to PAVIA activities.

New Partnership For African’s Development(NEPAD) )is a technical body of the African union (with a main objective of facilitating and coordinating Africa’s development agenda).NEPAD’s mandate includes contributing to the attainment of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa (PMPA), Agenda 2063, and SDGs (among others).

NEPAD is one of the partners in the African Medicines Regulatory Harmonization Initiative (AMRH) aimed at (among others) building African regulatory capacity and improving the regulatory systems for regulation of medical products in Africa starting with harmonization of registration requirements . NEPAD Agency spearheaded the development of the African Union Model Law on medical products regulation which advocates for strong regulatory systems including robust   Pharmacovigilance (PV)  Programmes. NEPAD is the Secretariat of the AMRH Steering Committee and Partnership Platform on Medical Products regulatory systems strengthening and harmonization.

NEPAD is a key part of the AMRH Governance framework (and it is worth noting that among the proposed Technical working groups under this framework is one on Pharmacovigilance). Under this framework an independent scientific Safety Advisory Committee is also proposed. NEPAD has initiated REC level platforms and guidelines that includes (among others) Review/inclusion of PV in policy and regulations across the East Africa Community( EAC) )and partner states, inclusion of PV in harmonized health professional training curricula and greater involvement of National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRAs) and PV stakeholders. NEPAD’s work on PV focuses at the continental and regional levels; PAVIA and PROFORMA could play a welcome role in supporting implementation at national level.