Workpackage 4

WP4 deals with Monitoring and Evaluation. The objective of this WP is to measure the impact of our PV activities in a way that will deliver data, information and knowledge on key PV activities and decisions. This WP will conduct targeted evaluation of key PV processes using the Indicator-based PV Assessment Tool (IPAT) enriched with WHO PV indicators and will provide periodic measurement of progress. This will be done in a collaborative effort with the MRI and PV Centres to build capacity to measure local performance independently. Studying the different processes used in PV will support continuous process improvement, and will provide an evidence base for developing framework, tools, and guidance documents for comprehensive PV practices tailored to country specific context that can be expanded to other countries in the region.

WP4 (led by KNCV) will support the PV Centres/NMRAs and MRIs in conducting targeted, systematic monitoring of their PV structures and processes at baseline and at the project end. Through periodic measurement of the impact of the generated PV outputs WP4 will show the value of PV activities, Next to building up capacity to
measure PV system performance, it will facilitate the identification of enablers and barriers for developing well functioning PV systems. Lessons learned within PAVIA will be packaged in a practical blueprint for use in other SSA countries.

Task 4.1 Perform baseline assessment to inform country specific PV roadmap

Task 4.2 Evaluate impact of the project on PV outputs, i.e. AE data generated and its impact on policy and practice

Task 4.3 Perform end line assessment to inform blueprint guiding scale-up of PV in other SSA countries

Workpackage Deliverables:

  1. PAVIA Blueprint