WP 5

WP5 entails System, Structure, and Stakeholder Measures. This WP aims to strengthen organisational structures for PV at all levels of the health system in the target countries and coordinate PV activities among stakeholders. Target countries will be supported to develop regional networks linking researchers and academic institutions together with regulatory authorities to prioritise and analyse safety issues of public health importance. Our activities will focus on networking, communication, uptake and disseminations of the project findings and
achievements. This will include support to the development of a country-specific PV roadmap and the organisation of country specific workshops informing and steering the activities within this roadmap.

Coordinated by KCRI (Tanzania) this WP activates all partners in strengthening organisational structures for PV at various levels of the health system. We will coordinate PV activities among stakeholders (see section 5 on results and dissemination), focusing on networking and dissemination of our findings and achievements. Furthermore, this WP will support the organisation of events, meetings and workshops in collaboration with the other WPs.

Task 5.1 Develop communication and dissemination plan, supported by a country specific approach

Task 5.2 Engage stakeholders to create awareness and support (strengthen in-country network)

Task 5.3 Align with relevant regional and international initiatives

Task 5.4 Disseminate and share results of PAVIA


Workpackage Deliverables:

  1. Presentation to policy makers and at national international conferences
  2. Setting up an ORCID account
  3. Publications in open access journals
  4. Participation in EDCTP Forum (2018,2020,2022)
  5. Social media, blog, twitter account
  6. Network/collaborate with regional bodies e.g. NEPAD